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Happiness, chained or unchained

What is happiness? Since a long time ago many philosophers and thinkers have been asking this eternal question. Someone ”has found” this state of mind, and someone not. We all understand that happiness is quite hard to define and categorise into the short sentence. One needs all life to find this entity, another a little trespassing moment. I won’t speculate about what happiness does really mean because each person on our planet earth has its own understanding of happiness, thus we can’t unite all feelings and experiences of happiness to one individual statement. In my opinion nowadays we tend to forget the depth of (moral) values which somehow construct our life and give a meaning to our lives. We take almost everything for granted. We should analyse critically ”existential forces” of our life such as life itself, responsibility, freedom, love, ethics and happiness. Everyone has his own right to do so or not, but we should nevertheless try. Even little thinking gives dignity to our lives. We shouldn’t fear to face unknown and, at the first sight, difficult metaphysical problems of our existence. Each wall can be a door!

In spite of all speculative ponderings, we could though suppose that happiness represents something good, bright and joyful. It is truth that there are many who find their state of happiness through negativeness. I won’t concentrate on them, rather on joyful aspects of happiness. French thinker and buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard would say that happiness can dure for a long time. Many skeptics don’t even believe in happiness or say that it’s momentary. I would agree with both.

What comes to the momentary happiness, in the collection of essays of a French writer Philippe Delerm La première gorgée de bière et autres plaisirs miniscules (translated into English The Small Pleasures of Life) it is taught that we can find real joys and the state of happiness even in the ”insignificant little miniscule things” and moments of our every day life. I love Delerm’s positivity and hope of a better future and life that he plants as a seed into the soil full of love and gratitude. From this point of view, Delerm’s ”insignificant little things” aren’t momentary. I understand this as a deep philosophy, philosophy of consciously chosen path from greyness to happiness. I am definitely sure that if you find every day something that makes you smile and makes you feel tenderness and the silence of inner freedom, your happiness will dure for a long time as Ricard states. But if you have found a moment of happiness and simultaneously think about its momentary essence, you won’t be happy.

We should grasp every moment of happiness, every moment of our life tightly. A little bottle of beer or hugging trees in the forest can bring happiness. All depends on how we see, interpret and face our life. If you want to see it grey and rainy, you’ll see it grey and rainy. If you want to see it colourful and sunny, you’ll see it colourful and sunny. You can find happiness even in rainy days. You choose whether happiness is chained or unchained and free. Many fears chain our freedom for happiness. Just break them! Carpe diem quam minimum credula postero. Seize the present; trust tomorrow e’en as little as you may. Live here and now. Entertainer Bert Williams states, in my opinion, very important art and skill that we shouldn’t ignore: “The man with the real sense of humor is the man who can put himself in the spectator’s place and laugh at his own misfortunes. That is what I am called upon to do every day.”

Find your own time, not the time of a system which blocks your inner freedom for happiness. We are running all the time somewhere in hope of better future. How can you find happiness while running? Maybe Usain Bolt finds happiness while running but not everyone. To have or to be? That’s the question. Find your own time for yourself and for your family, not always for your boss or working place you are working at. Believe me, the silence will give you an answer. I recommend you to go to the nature. Mother Nature teaches us. Find your favourite place: shore, forest, field or steppe, river, lake, mountain, hill. Be alone there. Have a dialogue of silence with the wind, the water, the sand, the grass, the light. Think about yourself as something unique and sincere. Smile. Apologize. Forgive. Thank. Smile. Be in silence from 20 to 33 minutes. Thank for everything and for nothing. Enjoy your life.

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