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Say goodbye to fears

Dear readers, I would like to share a short post with you about fears. Please, remember that this post reflects my personal thoughts and they don’t tend to tell the truth about everything and everybody. I just want to share my ideas with you, and I hope that they inspire you to think about your life and our world and its lovely people.

American psychologist, William James wrote in his essay ”Is Life Worth Living?”: ”Be not afraid of life. Believe that life is worth living, and your belief will help create the fact.” He is right but sometimes its much easier to say than to act. In spite of that, idealism exists and it can bloom with flowers and leaves of a better life. Everything depends on us, on you.

Why are we afraid of life? In our every day routine life, in everything of this hectic life, everybody seems to be doing something very ’important’, and everything looks nice, well maked-up and beautiful. We try to give a charming and appropriate image of us to our fellows at the work and co-citizens in groceries and while having a small-talk in a public transport. Because of that people tend to think that everything is fine and others are ’happy’. Is it so in reality? Is everything really fine? Are we and others happy? Theoretically yes but pragmatically… As you can see, I am approaching a main theme of this post from a far. By these rhetoric questions I want to question illusory attributes of our outer reality, outer image which doesn’t tell very often the truth about what could happen inside us, in our inner world – on the level of our soul or our mind.

Sometimes you have probably seen people who look, at the first sight, funny and full of ’joy’, but their eyes tell you something contradictory: worries and fears in disguise. You know many famous actors who are unfortunately in their real life unhappy and concerned about their lives and future, in spite of all material richness from sport cars to all night long caviar parties they possess. Jay Gatsby had everything but not a peace of mind. He looked always towards a green lamp light on the other side of a shore, believing to grasp an illusory dream and hope. He tried to find happiness from the heart of a young lady who nevertheless forgot and lost belief in him, in his faith. Jay feared: he was insecure and uncertain. He didn’t believe in what he believed. He forgot himself in the vortex of fears about the future. Swedish physician, psychiatrist, cosmopolitan and the author of The Story of San Michele (1929), Axel Munthe would say: ”Happiness we can only find in ourselves, it is a waste of time to seek for it from others, few have any to spare.” At the first sight, Munthe’s quote could sound obviously quite cynic and misanthropic but in reality, I suppose, he urges us to find happiness, a state of peace and freedom from all fears primarily inside of us. We concentrate too much on the outer world. How can we understand, appreciate and love others if we haven’t learned yet to understand, appreciate and love ourselves? How can we navigate in the sea if we don’t know at first how the sail works and how we should handle and use it in the streams of the wind? Because of that many people seem to be happy and joyful but finally they are surrounded by the cage which is constructed of fears. We should begin from ourselves. If we can control our emotions from fears to aggression, we will control the world around us.

We shouldn’t underestimate our fears. All fears block our inner authentic stream of life, creativity, self-esteem, hope, love, open-mindedness and beliefs. Nearly 20% of Americans and Europeans are affected by anxiety disorders. These are only scientific statistics numbers. In reality they can be higher. Stress is the disease number one of the 21st century. You shouldn’t give fears a chance to reign over you. I know, it is easier to say than to act. In spite of all, everyone should even try. If you give up, game is over. Don’t let the outer world to control you. On the contrary, control the outer world yourself.

Please, answer to yourself, do you want to enjoy for 100% every little step on the beach, every long breath you take while standing on a cliff in front of the eternal sea, every smile on the face of your children and nearest people, every rain drop falling from the sky, every glass of water you drink, every moment of silence and harmony with the nature and all people who are important to you? If yes, stop living with fear.

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