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Lost Beauty

“Many eyes go through the meadow, but few see the flowers in it.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

I am writing this post on my flight from Rome to Helsinki. While being in Rome, I was pondering about beauty, maybe as Jep Gambardella in Paolo Sorrentino’s film La Grande Bellezza. We have many values which construct our ”directions” in our lives. One likes driving a car, another ”travelling” every day by feet; in a same way, for one lying is a natural part of his everyday life, for another lying is the last choice and a sign of ”state of emergency”. These many values from gratitude to faith are creating personal moral paths. One of the most interesting and captivating realities is that each person has his own understanding for example of hope, faith, love and wisdom. Beauty is also an inseparable part of our self-awareness and consciousness. All this sounds very nice but in reality there are some tricky aspects in our understanding of the beauty.

Our social systems and media give us very often, I could say, mainstream orientations which block our inner liberty and consequently our inner liberty and understanding what the beauty really is. Many fashion magazines, TV programs and advertisements, as we know, are creating all the time concrete dimensions in our under-consciousness, the dimensions which idealise for example ’beauty’. These dimensions are not concentrating on internal but on external beauty, material beauty. Please, understand me more profoundly. I do not mean that material beauty such as beautiful facades of early Christian churches in Rome and Vatican are representing something wrong, bad and unsuitable. Also these historical buildings have their inner beauty which has created finally external beauty of the object itself. Consequently, we aren’t affected by the external beauty of the object but by the internal beauty which is invisibly connected always with us; someone could say, with our soul or energetic consistence and essence of our existence.

In reality, I am talking about the external beauty of a human being, from little girls and boys to adults. You could have a different opinions and view (and you have a right to do so) but in my opinion, many people have lost their inner beauty which consist in loving yourself, really. We see that many fashion companies create a certain image of the beauty: beautiful young girls and women wearing chic clothes accompanied by sympathetic and brutal young men wearing de luxe jackets and trousers, high-end watches, and driving on posh cars. Yep, this is nice when you have a delightful model sitting on your right side wearing sunglasses and cashmere scarf while driving a convertible on tiny and magical roads of Provence surrounded by lavender fields and vineyards.

We have forgotten to tell each other that we should find our beauty inside us, not in clothing brands and expensive sport cars. This inner beauty is also lost in the worldwide problem of anorexia: young girls believing only in the external world without any compromises and forgetting their inner beauty full of love and gratitude. When we believe in a beautiful picture or image, we don’t appreciate our initial essence of humanity and the real fact that we all are beautiful, even with our funny noses, tiny or big asymmetric legs and feet and unordinary voices. The only “right” is not a sexy lady or gentleman with the model look. Please, nota bene, I am not tending to critisise these ”models”. They have also their beauty and grace but I am urging other people on not to believe that an advertisement is the only right way to be, to exist, to live. I believe that if we keep ourselves personally beautiful and love our look despite of ”beautiful” images around us, we will be, ”what I am talking about?” – we are already beautiful.

Beauty doesn’t consist in posing supermodels, icebreaking six packs, botox lips, sexually provocative movements. The Oxford Dictionary defines ’beauty’ in the next way: A combination of qualities, such as shape, colour, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight, and “a combination of qualities that pleases the intellect. Here we see again that beauty is very often understood as material and external – ‘shape’, ‘colour’, ‘form’. The second definition has something more profound: a combination of qualities that pleases the intellect. For me these qualities are primarily inside us: force of self-esteem and love which are affecting you and everyone around us, from people to the world.

Beauty can be a little smile on a face, kindness, happiness and state of a joy. I am not bypassing totally the physical beauty but insisting on not doing a cult of it, because many “lost souls” do not make a difference between the internal and external beauty, and follow illusory “truths” which do not rise their self-esteem and happiness but, on the contrary, keep them running in a direction of dreams, which finally breaks their mind and body.

We should learn from the nature: everything from beach sand to leaves on the trees are natural, without any masks and disguise. There aren’t any “right standards” how something should look like. For example, a green leaf is equally important as a red one.

When we are skeptical about ourselves, about our appearance; when we lack conviction, we do not love ourselves, and consequently we will not find any happiness in our life. Every young lady and gentleman have doubts about their look: nose is big, ears are asymmetric, legs are oblique, lips are chubby, butt isn’t trained enough… Shake these “enemies” of your mind off. I do not mean that we should eat what we like and snap our fingers at healthy food. My aim is to make people understand that if we will not appreciate ourselves, then we aren’t loving ourselves, which leads to the self-destruction both on a mental and physical level. I believe that if you love yourself, your life and the world will open new doors for you, even the doors of beauty which we have lost.


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