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Circle of Indifference

Dear readers, I believe that if we all together could do every day “little things” which work out “big things”, our planet earth could become more lovely place to live. Just to give a hand of help, smile to people, thank, give money if needed… In my opinion, we have forgotten to understand what others do need. We have forgotten to be tender and sensitive, such as a Russian dramaturge and author Anton Chekhov who looked at the world with an eye of an angel, a creature not from this world, with an ability to understand what is happening with a person through hands, eyes, tender legs, walking style, breath, voice and even silence.

Very often, when I am walking on streets, asking people how’s the life in the countries they are living in or meeting persons after a hard hangover, I hear “Everything is fucked up, fucked up…etc.” Do you want to accept it or not, but we have always some part in this process called “fucked up”. How? Maybe we are not always, explicitly and directly, creating these processes such as hunger, poverty, political and religious fundamentalism, aggression, violence and consequently even wars where all these latter aspects mentioned above incarnate. In spite of all, we can absolutely do something, even little, to change and believe to stop this things. It’s not idealism, it’s reality that haven’t brought fruits yet.

The most crucial thing that makes this change useless and “idealistic” is indifference which has become the mantra of our western and why not of even eastern civilization. It’s always easy to criticize, to bargain, to shout, to groan, and finally to say “fucked up”, and not to do anything, even little noble deed, to put a start for change.

Even though our aim here on the planet is cultivate ourselves and the connection with our inner self, we can’t and we shouldn’t forget others, our co-brothers and sisters because believe it or not, we are creating together this life and this world without exceptions. If we are creating just the circle of indifference, we are really “fucked up”. There won’t be any change if we are just sitting in front of the TV and commenting: “Hey, Mr. President or PM, why are you always lying…? You should do in that way…and in this way…Oh man…look around you…everybody knows that you are playing the game…I won’t give you anymore my support in the next coming elections…” That’s easy, isn’t it. But what about personal action? Yeah! You got it. I appreciate from the bottom of my heart persons who do act, and even their dreams to help and to bring more light to this beautiful but at the same time cruel world. It’s much easier to sit with a bottle of a beer while “snacking” chips (sometimes it is also good) and idealise the illusory reality than to go on the streets and give a cup of hot tea and some food to an alienated homeless citizen and first of all a human who has his right to live and to be happy. Let’s find solidarity and love, and not to “fuck up”.

P.S. I apologize for an immoral verb “fuck up”.

© of photography, Jean-Jacques Sempé, Le Monde de Sempé, Vol. 1, Denoël, 2002.

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