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Time to stop the time

Dear readers, I haven’t been writing for a long time, but time has come again, and I am glad to share with you once again something of my spontaneous thoughts. We live in the times when we haven’t any lack of information (except developing countries). We have everything from books to internet apps which tell us what to do and even how to think, which sometimes sounds very tricky. Although we haven’t any lack of information, mentally we have become more nervous, depressed, lazy, tired and contemptuous. We have sometimes a feeling that we know everything, but nevertheless we do not know nothing.

Continuous stream of information passes us by, and we haven’t even time to grasp it. I am pondering if it is a good or a bad thing. What do you think? Let’s look at this from the next point of view. Since a little child I was asking always myself what is the difference between being intelligent and wise. I see very often little children who feel pressure about their homework and school. They live in a stress if they haven’t received good grades. Human being should cultivate his inner sense of creativeness and co-creation with the outer and inner worlds and mental dimensions. Since our school times, we are taught to know, not to think, analyse and feel, which is sad. I could compare this to Jamie Oliver’s ”Food revolution” where the fast food represents knowing and healthy food living in a wise and caring manner. To know everything from works of Plato to vintage Champagne goûts or auction market prices doesn’t tell that someone is wise.

For me being intelligent means ”knowing”, whereas being wise means knowing how to live, feel, love, avoid and observe the world around us. In my opinion we should teach our children to feel, talk to others and share life experience with other children without any social borders and prejudices. A child shouldn’t be ”silent” and fear to share his joys and misfortunes. We shouldn’t enclose anyone in a ”room of our system” so that he or she couldn’t leave it and fly with dry and not wet wings of liberty. Instead of giving an iPad to our little ones, we could better to talk to them and explain them our world and our life. Children are wise, believe me. Caring means loving and sharing love. The iPad is an abandon of responsibility and sharing time with a little prince or princess is the mark of sincere love. This art of living is to be applied also to our lives, lives of adults and grown-ups.

So what about the information and living by the law of it. On one hand the information facilitates our living, but on the other hand we have to plan always our everyday life ”too correctly” for that we couldn’t miss anything. Sometimes we don’t even know what is that ”anything”. I underwrite next idea of the Chinese philosopher and master Laozi: ”A good traveler has no fixed plans 
and is not intent upon arriving.
 A good artist lets his intuition
 lead him wherever it wants.
 A good scientist has freed himself of concepts and keeps his mind open to what is.” For the people of the 21st century it is hard to understand and accept this philosophy. How can we live if we don’t have plans? Could you live without a plan? These are questions that could arise in our mind. In reality, Laozi doesn’t mean that we should live as ascetics without plans. He underlines that we concentrate too much on what we want or what “we have” to do. While concentrating always on the drama of our life from early morning to late night through all “chapters” from a bloody alarm clock to our work obligations, we forget to feel our inner wind, wind of life. Laozi is right that a good artist lets his intuition lead him wherever it wants. This doesn’t mean that we should just ignore others and do what we want. The main point is that when we want too much to change something, there is a risk to worsen and destroy the harmony of our inner spirit.

We talk very often about liberty. If there is not inner liberty, there is not the liberty at all. We pay too much attention to the political liberty, and forget what we could do to reconstruct and save our inner liberty. In my opinion, our inner liberty consist in appreciating the life, the existence and our personal essence or human personality. If we do not know these factors, these forces of our life, we cannot understand the importance of the liberty and its belonging to something unexplained called the universe and cosmic existence. Voltaire writes: “Man is free at the instant he wants to be” and “Paradise on earth is where I am”. These two separate quotes have a firm connection: each person can create his own paradise by his will and inner force of liberty. We have two opportunities in our life: to destruct or to create. I prefer the latter one.

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