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Let’s laugh more!

Dear readers, I would like to wish you a magnificent new year full of joy, happiness, ideas and dreams that will come through, and especially sincere love.

I was pondering what would be my first post in 2015. About what should I write? There are many fascinating objects and themes on our planet earth that could be equally interesting and charming. But before writing something, I knew all the time that there is some very special subject to write about. I had just to ”find” it.

You know that to find inspiration is not always such an easy task, and almost perpetually we find our inspiration and even ingenious ideas accidentally. They come from nowhere. I believe that probably we shouldn’t wait something in a too concentrated way – ”Yes, man, I want that gorgeous yellow Lamborghini…I want be famous…I want that my husband would be like Brad Pitt…I want to be rich and happy…I want beautiful and talented kids…” I mean that while waiting and wanting too much, we won’t get anything. I have a belief if we want something too much and always, we have a risk to ”realise” it already in our mind and not in the real material world afterwards.

Consequently, it could be better to be just conscious about our wishes and dreams, and not think about them all the time. I do not mean that dreaming is something bad and wrong. Please, do not understand me in a wrong way. We should be dreaming because it is a sort of fire that brings meaning and flame to our lives. On the contrary, I am talking about a way how we could save our precious dreams. Just give a chance, an independent chance to your dream itself to come through. With our permanent thinking and analysing we tend to block free motion and free ”life” of our dreams. They know what to do. So let them be and ideas will appear.

I want to share with you my feelings and my thoughts about humour and the importance of laughter and smile. This theme appeared in my mind while watching comedies with the real legend of French comedy Louis de Funès. For me Louis is an uncompromised giant of humour and laughter. He is genius. How flattered my praises could sound, they are totally sincere. Louis de Funès is someone who doesn’t need any commentaries. He is a real incarnation of positive energy and perpetual motion – real perpetual motion ”machine” of humour, endless emotions and stream of emotions, and grimace. Since my childhood, I remember this little man 1.64 metres high, running from one place to another with his tiny legs and feet, his facial expressiveness that changed millions of times in a second

Sincerely said this charming and talented ”creation” won’t get me tired never while seeing his runs, shouts, grimaces, commentaries, body language and smile. I watch every year films directed by legendary directors Jean Girault, Gérard Oury, André Hunebelle, Jacques Besnard, Claude Zidi such as L’Aile ou la Cuisse (1976), trilogy of Fantômas (1964), Le Petit Baigneur (1967), La Grande Vadrouille (1966), Jo (1969), La Soupe aux choux (1981), L’Avare (1980), Les Grandes Vacances (1967), Le Tatoué (1968), series of Le Gendarme de Saint-Tropez (1964), Le Grand Restaurant (1966), and even I know already synopses of the films with all details, I am not getting bored with watching for them on and on. Unfortunately Louis de Funès remained for a long time unknown in the English-speaking countries but as the French say ”Mieux vaut tard que jamais” (Better late than never), so I wish and I hope that after my post someone of you will get much more acquainted with Monsieur de Funès.

I can’t stop asking myself how this little man (not in pejorative way) could contain such a huge amount of energy. We have to remember also an important fact that all sort of acting strains and wears on nerves and energy. Moreover, ”authentic” art of acting requires to live through different states of mind and spirit. Although Louis was acting comedy roles (and in our opinion comedy roles are always something positive and joyful), he led himself and his body and mind also through negative and destructive emotions – worry, uncertainty, fear, anger, hurry, arrogance, vanity, scrooge, miser. The most paradoxical aspect is that Louis and other comedians, ingenious comedians transform these negative emotions and energies into positive and comic ones. They are real alchemists. Louis de Funès has said that to be comic is not only a talent, but especially a gift, a way of feeling and possibility to understand and interpret. In 1962 in the French daily newspaper Le Figaro Louis said that he finds states of spirit and soul comic rather than attitudes.

Laozi writes in Tao Te Ching: ”Scholars of the highest class, when they hear about the Tao, take it and practice it earnestly.
 Scholars of the middle class, when they hear of it, take it half earnestly. 
Scholars of the lowest class, when they hear of it, laugh at it.
 Without the laughter, there would be no Tao.” Entertainer Bert Williams states also in my opinion very important art and skill that we shouldn’t ignore: “The man with the real sense of humor is the man who can put himself in the spectator’s place and laugh at his own misfortunes. That is what I am called upon to do every day.”

Yes, we forget to laugh up our sleeve. It is difficult, isn’t it. Social system of our society creates unconsciously roles for us in the literal sense of the word. Various social artificial ”norms” and moral ”regulations” block our natural right to express our emotions. I do not mean that we should ignore all norms and be anarchists, but we should analyse them and not to take them for granted. What comes to the emotions, if we show them in our workplace, it is considered very often as a weakness. I disagree. We should show our emotions and if possible moderately.

I do not mean that we should forget reason and live by the rules of emotions. Reason and emotions could go hand in hand. My perspective about emotions in this case consists in humour and laughter that we shouldn’t hide. Of course, cheeky and wicked laugh is not friendly and polite. I agree with the view of Louis de Funès – laugh is a key to understand, feel and interpret, not only others but also ourselves and our life. I write in my first post Have a fun ( ”We should first of all do something that we like and love, and not know. This feeling of comfort and love is the most important radar in the life of people. Sometimes we are lost, betrayed, forgotten, not loved and not appreciated, but do not let you down. While standing with four broken bags and splashed coffee there on a street, just stop for a while, smile and laugh, and you’ll notice that your life will change.” For me laugh and humour are radars and compasses of the art of living. They give us a big chance to laugh at our misfortunes and intermittent clumsiness, and learn to love ourselves.

Mon plus grand désir d’acteur? C’est de faire des films destinées à faire rire les enfants et les parents à la fois dans ce monde trop triste!

My biggest desire of actor? It’s to make films that make children and parents laugh at a time in this too sad world!

– Louis de Funès

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