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The Art of Love

My dear readers, I would like to share with you a little post about love. Maybe it is good that I am not telling very much about such a mystical and magical power, called love because maybe no one is able to tell all about this eternal entity. We all, we have had without any doubt moments in our life when we have hated and loved someone or something. It is a natural part of our existence. We are people, and we have emotions. In spite of that, in my opinion, we should controllate our emotions or find a sort of moderation in our everyday life. These two forces – hating and loving have different kind of functions: when we hate, we destruct, and when we love, we create and co-create. Theoretically, we understand the difference between two emotions, but pragmatically, it is sometimes very difficult to separate them. I mean that loving and hating are close to each other, which is sad. When many people stop loving, they sometimes replace love by hate. I have heard many people saying that after an unsuccesful relationship they do not remember their former partner with love and joy. Why not? Maybe if we could forget our hate, we could find a state of love, and consequently be loved. It is not a trivial idea or some smarty philosophical reflection. This is what I’ve felt living in a complex labyrinth called life and human relations. It is our free choice, our free choice to destruct or to create something brighter and more sincere.

It is very funny and fascinating that we have been taught that love consist in an emotional and sexual relation between man and woman. We have stereotypes about love that makes more difficult to find what love is in real. Love is more than kissing and sex. I like Woody Allen’s citation in James Robert Parish’s book The Hollywood Book of Love: ”Love is the answer, but while you’re waiting for the answer, sex raises some pretty interesting questions.” That’s simply cleverly and wittily said. Love is something more profound. Love is a question and it is also an answer, but a hidden answer which you should find and open to yourself. Love is a state of happiness. You know these moments of happiness; moments when you get wings and want to fly.

These moments are unfortunately rare because we “have no time” to concentrate on them. Maybe we fear. Maybe we fear to tell someone that he or she is beautiful, kind, funny, lovely, or has a nice smile. We forget even to thank and to feel gratitude, gratitude for a help, a smile and even life we are living. I think that in spite of all it does not depend on our lack of time. It depends on that we haven’t learned enough to love well ourselves, yes you got it, ourselves. I do not mean an egoistic state of love. Actually, egoists do not love even themselves because they do not know what is love. How can they love – have this most sacred power and non-material entity – if they ignore others and hate them. This is not love at all.

With love towards yourself, I mean your relation with your inner self, your inner world, your authentic and unique inner world. Do not underestimate yourself (I do not mean that you should ignore others, buy a sport car, or better, a convertible and while driving on it in the centre shout: “I am the best!”). We love ourselves when we talk to ourselves, look at a mirror, see us there, and say: “My dear, I love you. I thank you. I apologize for everything that I’ve made for you. You are unique. I should more appreciate you because you are something exceptional. Thank you.” Someone of you is thinking now and pondering if this guy is nuts. No. I will not even give any argument. Just think about it, try to find this light of peace and love inside you, and you’ll get the answer. As I said, love is a question and it is also an answer, but a hidden answer which you should find and open to yourself with gratitude.

We can love dawn, trees, stones, waves in the sea, sand under our feet, birds flying around us, flowers, and even this damn neighbour who is practicing his heavy metal stemma nearly every day while playing on a guitar at 11 p.m. Augustine Hippo is writing: “Love all men, even your enemies; love them, not because they are your brothers, but that they may become your brothers. Thus you will ever burn with fraternal love, both for him who is already your brother and for your enemy, that he may by loving become your brother.”

For me, in love, gratitude has an important part. If we love and appreciate what others do, we thank them from our heart. As I told, love is a state of happiness that nobody on the planet earth can understand. We only feel it. We can feel this happiness when we say thank you to the new day, sunshine and people who are around us, even if we do not always like how they behave. I believe, if you thank even for nothing, your life will change for better. By the way, I was surprised by the post “DIY : Gratitude Jar” ( of Mademoiselle Elle Liberachi, a british model who definitely and sincerely loves people, life and seas. Sincerely said, it is heart warming when you see people sharing very important ideas with others. We shouldn’t hide the information that can change others’ lives for better. Please, visit her blog “C’est Belle”, and read her post about gratitude. Elle writes: “We have a natural tendency to take things for granted and perhaps wait for pivotal moments in our lives to happen before we realize how lucky we really are. We all have our ups and down days but I think that making those harder times an experience that we ultimately learn from rather than a negative thought that sticks with us  create’s a sense of strength, inner peace and purity for body & mind.  More importantly,  self confidence and true beauty will show; being able to cope & push back these emotions – instead replacing them immediately with new happy thoughts the minute something negative comes it to your mind can benefit your life and surroundings in a major way.” Beautiful words full of wisdom.

Thank you. I wish you all the best.

Yours sincerely,



  1. Roman, I adore your blog. Thank you so much for featuring my post amongst your beautiful words. It is so kind of you, I’m so happy you liked it, your posts are so profound and Inspiring. I will be reading through them all – thank you so much again, Have a nice weekend, Bonne nuit,🌸 Elle x

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    • Chère Elle, thank you very much as well. It is very kind of you. You look with the heart. After such a heart warming comment I want to write more and more.

      New posts are coming: about Louis de Funès, one of the giants of French comedy; Paolo Sorrentino’s piece of art “La Grande Bellezza”, and Christmas.

      Bonne soirée et fabulous week-end à toi aussi.


      Voici mon secret. Il est très simple: on ne voit bien qu’avec le cœur. L’essentiel est invisible pour les yeux. (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Le Petit Prince)


    • Dear Lenora, thank you that you appreciate my perspective. You said in a right way: “your perspective”. That’s only one perspective among others. If my writing has inspired even one person, this world has become brighter place. Thank you.


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