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There is lot of people who want to live in big cities, in vast metropolies; to catch a kind of romanticism of modern, industrial, technical, but often artificial life. I have met the many who sincerely hate big cities, but work and live there for money. It’s all about the money, someone could say. Sometimes yes, but sometimes not. The many play againts their own will, and are ready even for various sacrifices to lost or forget their will, their authentic will of what they want definitely to do.

Time has become a luxury. Although there are many well-known brands of high-end, such as brown hand bags with nicely crafted initials LV and a magical little phone from Silicon Valley that blows everyone’s mind even in a such way that someone is able to forget his name, the most important and valuable but forgotten brand is time. We can not sell it, buy it and handle it, even conquer it. It is in the air all time and leads circumstances of our life; our mind, our behaviour, our decisions. From one angle of view time gives us an opportunity to deal with ourselves, with our inner world, world of soul or mind; from other view, we frequently or permanently possess a sort of panic statement that we can not lost any time because we have to accomplish “something”.

When we have not time, we are supposed to be very important persons, that’s why having a small talk with someone has become impossible. “Sorry man, I have no time”, is frequently heard answer on the streets, in jobs, on phone calls. We are hurrying somewhere. Where are we keeping hurry? That’s the question, and if you ask someone that question, rather you’ll hear and receive a self-conscious and sharp answer.

Why? We have a sort of omnipotent feeling that endless working and moving gives value to our life and existence. I mean that we are trying to construct and build meaning of our life of little bricks and stones which are taken from a warehouse called “endless work”. I am not undervaluing the importance of doing job, of working. We have many “responsibilities”, responsibilities towards our families that are an inseparable part of us, our friends who we suppose and believe to be sincere and faithful. If we don’t do a job, we haven’t any possibility to pay for a food of our families and other goods needed for living. Life is a hectic circle, and a modern society is constructed in a way that people haven’t any opportunity, any “hole” to think about themselves: to feel inner breath, to hear a heartbeat, to touch the wind and air, to step towards a sun and to embrace waves of a sea, and to smile, to laugh even to personal misfortunes and not so bright times.

When we hurry up, we forget to laugh, to smile, to apologise, to thank. We are arrogant while running into the train that is leaving in five minutes; grabbing three bags in hands and one in the teeth. Take away coffee mug is splashing last drops of a caffeine elixir during this Olympic sprint. Pants are sliding down because of a forgotten belt in the swimming pool. Streets are full of people – a real big orchestra yelling, playing polyphonic pieces of art, but you do not want to hear these chaotic and cacophonic sounds and get trapped in this mass of souls. You are a real uncle Sam who is heading without any mercy to the railway station. Suddenly bottoms of the bags crash and all stuff is lying on a street. What we usually do in these moments? We get angry, swear and definitely have not a positive state of mind, obviously.

I do not underline the absolute fact that we all act in that way, but it is almost general level of the behaviour. If there’s something going wrong, we are supposed to be angry and fiercely upset. Because of that we lose control of being civilized human beings. But why to be always this “beast” and to allow whole situation getting more worse? If we assume that being angry and ”vexatious” something will change to better, we are beyond doubt wrong. Each life situation, would it be a traffic jam or a random person insulting you on the street, has something to tell you about. It’s like an interstellar sign between two or more souls: each situation is like an exercise of your inner essence, essence of being human, a real human who loves and creates, not only destroys.

Someone of you reading this think that this guy who tends to be a smart aleck lives in an illusory bubble and loves to write about trivial, philosophical and idealistic ”stories” and premises that have not any guarantee, evidence and authoritarian competence. ”Why should I listen to him?”, could be an answer. I thank you for this question, and it is every man’s right not to read my text. Please, let me reciprocally ask you a question. ”Any guarantee, evidence and authoritarian competence”… Do we have any guarantees in our life in this world? How can we have any guarantees, if sometimes we can not rely even on ourselves? Yes, household appliances have a guarantee because they haven’t emotions: they do not feel sorrow and happiness, they do not love and hate. What is guarantee at all? Guarantee is something that is of hundred per cent. As I already said, a household appliance has a guarantee and it can be replaced, but we can not replace old friends, time and even unique and individual emotional experiences. Do you have any guarantee of being not betrayed by someone? You got it. It is an incontestable truth that we can not know everything and grasp a tail of a Blue jay. Despite this fact, in my opinion, we should first of all do something that we like and love, and not know. This feeling of comfort and love is the most important radar in the life of people. You know what I am talking about. Sometimes we are lost, betrayed, forgotten, not loved and not appreciated, but do not let you down. While standing with four broken bags and splashed coffee there on a street, just stop for a while, smile and laugh, and you’ll notice that your life will change.


  1. Thank you for another informative site. Where else may just I am getting that kind of information written in such a perfect approach?
    I’ve a mission that I’m just now running on, and I’ve been on the look out for such information.


    • Hi, thank you for your message. Please, what do you mean by “else that kind of information written in such a perfect approach”? My text is not from any books. But if you want, I could recommend you some books. Please answer me, and I’ll write you here some books. Take care! Cheers


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